Our Mission

  • Archery Training Center's goal is to create a professional, knowledgeable, focused, encouraging and inspiring training and practicing environment for Adult and Junior Olympic recurve target archers.
  • Since 1995, USA Archery Level 4 NTS Coach Racae Meyer has coached and trained over 8,500 archers, including lots of Texas state and southern region champions, several national champions, Jr US Archery Team members, and one wonderful Paralympic bronze medallist!
  • Joining Archery Training Center is often your next step if you really want to become an archer or improve your skills. You may just think it's a cool thing to do (which it is), or you may have been practicing on your own or at a recreational range without consistent formal instruction or coaching, but now want to improve. You may have loved archery at summer camp, in the Boy Scouts or 4H, or in school through Olympic Archery in Schools (OAS), National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP), or an After School Archery Program (ASAP). (These organizations, send us their most focused and passionate archers!)

  • We strive continuously to find the best information and most up-to-date methods to improve and grow archers. Through coaching the National Training System (NTS) we have seen improvement in shot strength and accuracy, personal confidence, positive self-image, focus, work ethic, resilience and many successes!

We welcome all levels and ages of archers, and will take you as far as you want to go! We look forward to your joining us!


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