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We believe awards are great motivators!

  • The first award you will receive is your Personal Best at your very first class in Outdoor 1: First-time Class. If you fulfilled the requirements of this first class, you'll also receive an Archery Training Center Achievement Certificate.

During our Master Challenge Weeks, you´ll be rewarded with Mastered Tags for your dedication to improving your form.

When you join USA Archery as an All-Access member, you will receive USA Archery Star Pins

Once a year in mid-August, we have our Annual Awards Potluck Banquet, where the Top Archers receive awards well-earned!

As a special incentive, we award $50 once to any of our regular members who shoot six tens in two outdoor ends of six arrows at their USA Archery official tournament distance!

When you shoot in a USA Archery sanctioned event that includes a World Archery Star designation, you can earn World Archery Star Pins!