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Indoor / Outdoor Target Archery

This program is for recreational and experienced recurve archers. Also refer to ¨How It Works¨ for more information.

Indoor 1: First-time Class: We provide group instruction in the basic positions, concepts, and focus of the National Training System (NTS), and all equipment necessary.

Indoor 2 at 9m: This is when you become more familiar with the basic NTS Steps of Shooting and learn a bit about equipment, while practicing what you learn. Coach will introduce different steps of the NTS Shot Cycle to the group at each lesson, and then move up and down the shooting line helping each archer individually as time allows. The goal is to shoot a tight group of arrows as a reflection of consistent form. You will add a finger sling when Coach observes that you are no longer grabbing the bow, a stabilizer when you are using the finger sling to catch the bow as it jumps out of your hand, and a sight when you are form-focused (more than target/result-focused) and can shoot a tight group of arrows. Graduate by scoring 240 pts on 60-cm JOAD target face or 230 pts on 40-cm FITA target face in 30-arrow round and show improved form.

Outdoor 3 at 13.5m: You will go outdoors, and begin to learn the more advanced steps in the NTS Shot Cycle, including how to set the Barrel of the Gun, how to use coiling and angular motion to draw the bow, how to use and increase back tension throughout the shot, how to anchor under your jaw, increase eye focus, how to aim using sight-string-riser alignment, how to properly release the string, what a great follow-through entails, how to start creating your mental program. Your goal: Shoot tighter groups as a result of improved form. Graduate by scoring 240 pts on 60-cm JOAD target face or 230 pts on 40-cm FITA target face in 30-arrow round and show improved form.

Outdoor 4 - 9 at 18m - 70m: You will continue to learn more and strive to perfect the NTS form positions while increasing your mental strength and physical strength. We will provide you with a recommended list of equipment based on your strength, experience, goals and budget, so that you will be shooting your own equipment. Starting at 20m, you will progress by 10m after you score 320 pts on the 122-cm target face in one 36-arrow round until you have reached your tournament distance, which is based on age.

You may choose to remain as an outdoor recreational archer in this program indefinitely - just having fun shooting outdoors at longer and longer distances whenever you have time - or set a goal to become a competitive archer in the Olympic Path Training program. If you don't yet have your own equipment, contact Coach Racae, so she can help you specify and order it. The target mat, stands, and target faces are provided.

When you want to become a competitive archer, you´ll start going to championships, first as an observer - just to see what it´s like - then as a participant, learning everything you can to be more knowledgeable and prepared at future tournaments, and then as a competitor, when your scores in practice equal at least those of the top ten archers in your division/class.

You will start competing at our Archery Training Center monthly competitions, and then seasonally at state, regional and national competitions. Your first indoor practice competition may be the Aggie Invitational each November at Texas A&M College Station. Your first major indoor competition will be the Indoor Nationals held at Texas A&M College Station in Jan/Feb each year. You will train outdoors to progress to your official competition distance, which varies by age. When you reach your distance you will register for outdoor competitions. At the pinnacle of your achievement, you will compete in the United States Archery Team (USAT) competitions held during March-September each year at four locations in the US, and the Target Nationals usually held in Malvern, PA, to the earn a place on the Cadet, Junior, Senior, Master or Paralympic United States Archery Team, and represent the United States internationally at the Pan American, World and Olympic Games!

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Competitive (OPT)

If you decide that your goal is to become a top competitive archer and experience all the challenges and adventures that presents, you'll strive to be accepted into our Olympic Path Training Program (OPT). You'll need to submit to Coach Racae five 30-arrow rounds at 18m with a score of 250 pts+ and complete the OPT application. OPT members will be selected by USA Archery Level 4 NTS Coach Racae Meyer. For the minimum requirements to join OPT, please contact her for an OPT application. You will advance outdoors through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold JOAD and Adult Olympian levels and receive Star Pins awarded by USA Archery.

Competitive archers love archery, really enjoy competing, have a strong desire to succeed, a lot of self discipline, and put their practice and tournament schedule very high on their list of priorities. As a junior, you´ll also have great parental support, so vital to your success.

Once you are accepted into OPT, you´ll start practicing outdoors at progressively longer distances, starting at 20m, then 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m and 70m, depending upon your age - all while you work on perfecting your form! (Adults and Juniors 17+: 70m, Cadets 15-17 60m, Cubs 13-14 50m, Bowmen 10-12 30m)

You´ll enter outdoor tournaments once you are strong enough to shoot a bow heavy enough for the arrows to hit a target at your tournament distance. When you´re ready to enter the outdoor tournaments, you´ll start earning your way up the tournament ranking lists through participating in many tournaments until you reach podium levels.

Your long-term goals will be to shoot high scores at 70m to earn a place on one of the United States Archery Teams (USAT), and represent the United States as part of the High Performance International Team USA. Your ultimate goal as an outdoor competitive archer will be to qualify for a place on the U.S. Olympic Team.