How It Works

We offer indoor and outdoor programs at recreational, progressive, and competitive levels for adults, juniors, and parents.

You can begin at any time and continue as often and for as long as you like.

Each in-person group class is comprised of a maximum of 8 archers. Your place is reserved on the shooting line in each class after we receive three things: Your online registration form, membership + waivers packet and class fees.

You can see all classes, events, attendees and scores on the Calendar, which you should look at before registering or coming to class in case there are changes. See the registration forms for more detailed information.

Everyone progresses at a different rate, so we emphasize your individual improvements. As your skill and form improve, you will move through progressively more challenging programs and class levels and shoot at longer and longer distances.

Indoor 1: First-time Class is an introductory class at our shortest distance of 9m, where you´ll shoot 6 arrows at a time for several turns (called ends) after you learn how to set up and break down the range, select your equipment, do the basic form positions, aim, score, and pull arrows while observing the safety rules. Instruction is to the group with some individualized instruction. As you progress through higher levels, you´ll receive more individualized coaching. For adults, Indoor 1 is a one-time class. For juniors, a minimum score of 50 pts over 30 arrows, adherence to the safety rules, and being able to follow group directions without one-on-one supervision is required before graduating into Indoor 2. Basic equipment (recurve bow, arrows, armguard, finger tab) is provided during Indoor 1: First-time Class. By the time you graduate from Indoor 1, you´ll be more confident and knowledgeable - ready to enter Indoor 2.

When you join Indoor 2 at 9m, you´ll receive more individualized attention by the instructor, who will guide you on what to do and how to improve. Each week has a ¨Form Focus¨, where you´ll be working on a part of the NTS Form. You´ll need to buy an Accessories Pack (armguard, fingertab and finger sling) to reduce sharing and a Form Pack (stretchband and string loop), which are available at the range. You´ll use the Form Pack during warm ups before classes and when practicing NTS form positions at home in front of your mirror in preparation for your in-person classes.

You´ll progress from Indoor 2 at 9m to Outdoor 3 at 13.5m and then on to Outdoor 4 at 20m by shooting 230 pts on a 40-cm target face or 240 pts on a 60-cm target face. By the time you are in Outdoor 3 at13.5 m, you will have bought your own equipment as specified by us based on your goals, budget, strength and experience, and you´ll begin to evaluate and upgrade your archery goals.

Outdoor 4+ is when things really pick up! It´s usually a time to start thinking about competitive archery, and preparing to join the ATCI archery tournament team by fine-tuning your form, increasing your mental and physical strength and endurance, and working your way out to longer and longer distances until you reach your World Archery official tournament distance for your class (age). (Adults shoot 70m in tournaments!) At the higher levels, archers participate and then compete in local, state, national and even international tournaments.

A variety of private and virtual lessons are also available for archers who need more detailed instruction with Coach Racae.

Mastered Tag awards are given out for form knowledge and Personal Best Awards and USA Archery Star Pins at different scoring levels during the ATCI Monthly Competitions on the last weekend of every month for Outdoor 3-9.

In mid-August every year, we hold our Annual Archers of the Year Potluck Banquet, where archers are rewarded for their achievements, attendance, and dedication to the sport.