We provide basic equipment indoors indefinitely for Indoor 1: First-time class and Indoor 2, consisting of a takedown recurve bow, aluminum arrows, an armguard, and a fingertab. A basic sight and stabilizer will also be provided as the skill of the archer improves.

To reduce sharing in the regular group classes (Indoor 2 ) and summer camps, archers usually prefer to buy their own armguard ($13) at the indoor range.

The archer should also eventually buy

  • a finger sling ($5) when Coach Racae says they're ready for one,
  • a Form Pack (stretchband and string loop)($4) to use to warm up before classes begin and to practice form at home in front of their mirrors,
  • a better fingertab online based on our recommended list.

When you graduate to Outdoor 3, we'll recommend that you order your own equipment. (We do not provide equipment outdoors.) Coach Racae will create a detailed recommended list of equipment to fit your goals, strength, experience level, and budget (Fee: $30), which you will order directly online.

After your equipment arrives, you'll make two appointments with Coach Racae for bow setup and tuning (60 min) and a fletching class (30 min), or attend a scheduled bow tuning / fletching class, so you'll know how to set up your bow and cut, point, fletch and repair your arrows.

At higher levels and distances, usually starting at Outdoor 7 at 50m, you´ll upgrade your equipment again, with our detailed recommendations, in order to be more competitive at the longer distances.