Recreational (oAAP)

When you shoot 250 pts in 30-arrow round at 18m indoors, you´re ready to go outdoors. Your form will be at a fairly advanced stage, and you will have enough confidence and skill to shoot in the wind and rain! You can remain as an outdoor recreational archer in the Outdoor Advanced Archer Program (OAAP) indefinitely - just having fun shooting outdoors at longer and longer distances whenever you have time. You will need your own equipment, which we can help you specify, but we will provide the target mat and stands and target faces. There is no coaching outdoors for recreational archers in OAAP, so we´ll expect to see you in the indoor classes as well for continued training. For an OAAP application, please contact Coach Racae Meyer.

Competitive (OPT)

If you decide that your goal is to become a top competitive archer and experience all the challenges and adventures that presents, you'll strive to be accepted into our Olympic Path Training Program (OPT). You'll need to submit to Coach Racae five 30-arrow rounds at 18m with a score of 250 pts+ and complete the OPT application. OPT members will be selected by USA Archery Level 4 NTS Coach Racae Meyer. For the minimum requirements to join OPT, please contact her for an OPT application. You will advance outdoors through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold JOAD and Adult Olympian levels and receive Star Pins awarded by USA Archery.

Competitive archers love archery, really enjoy competing, have a strong desire to succeed, a lot of self discipline, and put their practice and tournament schedule very high on their list of priorities. As a junior, you´ll also have great parental support, so vital to your success.

Once you are accepted into OPT, you´ll start practicing outdoors at progressively longer distances, starting at 20m, then 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m and 70m, depending upon your age - all while you work on perfecting your form! (Adults and Juniors 17+: 70m, Cadets 15-17 60m, Cubs 13-14 50m, Bowmen 10-12 30m)

You´ll enter outdoor tournaments once you are strong enough to shoot a bow heavy enough for the arrows to hit a target at your tournament distance. When you´re ready to enter the outdoor tournaments, you´ll start earning your way up the tournament ranking lists through participating in many tournaments until you reach podium levels.

Your long-term goals will be to shoot high scores at 70m to earn a place on one of the United States Archery Teams (USAT), and represent the United States as part of the High Performance International Team USA. Your ultimate goal as an outdoor competitive archer will be to qualify for a place on the U.S. Olympic Team.