Your first step as a beginner with little to no experience is to register for a 2.5-hr Indoor 1: First-time Class ($26/archer). We provide all equipment necessary (recurve bow, arrows, armguard, finger tab). In this class you will learn and experience a lot: Basic information about the equipment so you can select it, the safety rules and whistle system, how to set up the range to get ready to shoot, how to score, how to load the bow and aim, and the latest recommended archery positions (the form), so you can hit your target on the first day!

For those with at least one year of experience in archery, you can request an evaluation with Coach Racae instead ($50/archer), after which you may be placed at a higher level within our programs.

Your next class after Indoor 1 will be one-hour group classes in Indoor 2 at 9m ($20/archer), which you will attend until you shoot a score of 230 pts. in one 30-arrow round on the 40-cm FITA target face or 240 pts. on the 60-cm JOAD target face. At this point you will join USA Archery as an All-Access member of the Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) or the Adult Training Program (ATP). You'll then move to Indoor 3A at 13.5m ($20/archer). After you shoot the same scores again at 13.5m, you´ll graduate to Indoor 3B at 18m indoors. You'll graduate to Indoor 4 at 18m, after you shoot 200 pts. twice.

After you shoot 250 pts. at 18m, you'll graduate into Indoor 5 at 18m. At this level you will be guided as to whether to continue recreationally indoors or outdoors in the Outdoor Advanced Archery Program (OAAP), or begin training for indoor and outdoor competitions through the Progressive Program, and eventually our Olympic Path Training (OPT) program.


In order to improve in archery, you'll need to practice progressively more as you advance.

At any point during the year, when you are at or above Indoor 3B at 18m you can sign up for the Progressive Program, and commit to the required hours of practice in the range at reduced fees to help fast-track you into our highest level program: Olympic Path Training (OPT).

When you are a Progressive archer, you will :

  • Meet the time/attendance requirements weekly to remain in the Progressive Program. Falling short of these requirements will automatically give you a Recreational standing, and Recreational class fees will apply starting the following week.
  • Earn special Progressive tags showing each week that you have met the time requirements. These tags will be issued on Sundays for the preceding week.
  • Go to competitions to see what they are like before you decide to participate.
  • Participate in competitions in Indoor 4 after you score 230 pts. in one 30-arrow round at 18m. - just for experience and fun!
  • Become eligible to apply for Olympic Path Training (OPT) upon submitting five rounds of 250 pts. in 30-arrow rounds on a 40-cm or 60-cm target face, depending on your age and division.

Competitive (oPT)

If you decide that your goal is to become a top competitive archer and experience all the challenges and adventures that presents, you'll strive to be accepted into our Olympic Path Training Program (OPT). You'll need to submit to Coach Racae five 30-arrow rounds at 18m with a score of 250 pts+ and complete the OPT application. You will advance indoors through the Bronze, Silver, and Gold JOAD and Adult Olympian levels awarded by USA Archery.

Competitive archers love archery, really enjoy competing, have a strong desire to succeed, a lot of self discipline, and put their practice and tournament schedule very high on their list of priorities. As a junior, you'll also have great parental support, so vital to your success.

Once you have entered tournaments, you'll start earning your way up through participating in many tournaments until you reach podium levels. Your long-term goals will be to shoot high scores at 18m and earn a place on one of the United States Archery Teams (USAT), and represent the United States as part of the High Performance International Team USA. Your ultimate goal as an indoor competitive archer will be to participate in the Indoor Archery World Series.

OPT members will be selected by USA Archery Level 4 NTS Coach Racae Meyer. For the minimum requirements to join OPT, please contact her for an OPT application.